Subcontract Coating

Polymers and ceramics have been used with great success for decades in various applications, including packaging, microelectronics, medical applications, automotive, and other areas, because of the relatively lower cost than other materials, reduced weight, and ability to form complex details. To achieve the desired properties, various ceramics or metals need to be deposited on the plastics. While there are several applications for coatings, the process is usually conducted in a vacuum. With vacuum coating processes, materials, which are usually in the form of metal, are deposited to enhance and give significant traits to the component, either in the form of corrosive-resistance, heat-resistance and ageing properties.

While there are several different coating processes, Polyteknik mainly uses the PVD process. PVD either involves sputtering or evaporation, and is a highly eco-friendly process. Physical vapor deposition (PVD) can be described as a variety of vacuum deposition methods which can be used to produce thin film or coatings.

With over 20 years of experience in the thin film industry and a highly dedicated team, Polyteknik offers a wide range of coating processes to oblige our customers’ needs. This includes:

  • PVD EMI Coating for better electromagnectic compatibility
  • EMINit 2947 Coating for premium shielding performance
  • Conductive Electrode Coating for electrical contact
  • Coating of Piezoelectric Electrodes
  • AI-Coating for high temperature operation reflectors
  • Thin film reflective mirror Coating for IR gas senors
  • High Thermal Emissivity Coating
  • Solar Selective Absorber for Solar Heating
  • Low SEY Coating
  • TCO Film Coating

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