EmiNit2479 is also ideal for use on electronic enclosures and assemblies that require reliable and stable EMI shielding. Polyteknik is capable of conducting high-volume batches with the EmiNit2947 conductive coating.

Whereas the electrical conductivity of EmiNit2479 is not similar to the conductivity of EmiNit2947, the corrosion-refractoriness and heat resistance are the main characteristics of this Chromium-Gold coating. As an example, the corrosion-resistance has shown to be highly effective in relation to shielding properties in figther pilot helmets.

The coating is therefore extraordinarily superior for electromagnetic shielding compatibility. The EmiNit 2479 consists of a primer layer of chromium and a top layer of gold with a standard thickness of 2-2.5 µm. Other thicknesses can be achieved upon request.

The EmiNit 2479 has superior adhesion on plastic types, such as ABS, ABS+PC, PC, PA6, and PETP.

As well as with the EmiNit2947, all our EMC coatings will always be optimized in accordance with specific customer requirements.

The EmiNit2479 shielding coating provides exceptional performance for a variety of applications, including:

  • Superior EMI shielding performance at standard thickness and application
  • Great electrical conductivity resulting in solid EMI shielding
  • Excellent adhesion characteristics to a variety of substrates.



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