Our coatings for piezo electrodes has shown outstanding conductive characteristics and high performance in heat and corrosion-resistance.

With a thin film metallised electrode coating from Polyteknik, the piezo electrode will have a consistent and reliable electrical connection. Metal films are the most common for electrical conductor films and can be used as blanket metallization or perhaps formed into stripes. Conducter lines are known for being used in hybrid microcircuit technology and in the manufacture of semiconducter devices. The electrical conducters are usually multilayer films where each layer has different functions and characteristics.

Polyteknik can offer a DC/RF sputtering of noble metal and alloys, such as silver, gold, titanium, nickel, cupper, and other materials as well as combinations of materials to achieve the desired result.

The standard Piezo2479 coating is a chrome and gold combination, which has shown outstanding performances in resistance against corrosion and heat.

The thickness of the thin film coated electrode can be in the range of some hundred nanometers and up to 2-3 µm.

Typical piezo electrode patterns are, for example: solid patterns, wrap-around patterns, side tab patterns, insulation band patterns, as well as customised patterns. Polyteknik offers a great variety of electrode patterns for your piezo components.

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