Kicker Chambers

Internal deposition of kicker chambers

Polyteknik’s Science division specialises in innovative and bespoken thin film solutions for a wide range of applications in the field of Science. With a highly experienced and reliable team, the Big Science division provides a highly dedicated deposition system that offers high-quality and uniformed coatings for accelerator applications, including:

  • Internal deposition
  • Bespoken thin film solutions
  • High-uniformity, non-magnetic coatings
  • Guaranteed surface resistivity
  • Negation of charged internal surfaces and profiles
  • Elimination of irregular beam oscillations
  • Custom coatings on request
  • Full material characterization

One apparent area of interest is the coating of ceramic chambers and stainless-steel tubes used globally throughout Synchrotron & Linear Accelerators. Encompassed by major electro-magnets, the kicker chambers become charged during operation processes, resulting in a difference in surface resistivity which may cause irregular oscillations of the beam.

With a highly experienced team of thin film specialists who can assist with the most challenging development projects, Polyteknik can offer highly specialised coatings on a large variety of samples with full material analysis and characterisation.