Manufacturing Facilities

Manufacturing facilities

Our manufacturing facilities consists of approximately 2000 sqm, which includes our in-house PVD systems, Characterisation Lab, Welding and Machining workshop, clean assembly area, clean room and administration.

Clean Room Facilities

Our class 1000 clean room facility consists of a 105 sqm production area and a 32 sqm service area. To the benefit of our customers, the clean room enables unique advantages in the thin film production and top-level qualification and test of our PVD thin film deposition systems. The clean room enables us to comply with the highest industrial standards and provide added value in challenging customer projects.

Technical specifications:

  • Contamination free environment
  • 105m² clean room facility 32m² clean room service area
  • HEPA filtered air recirculated
  • Operational since 2012

Activities in Clean Room:

  • PVD system assembly & test
  • Clean packing & shipping of PVD systems
  • Thin film coating processes
  • Clean room space available for dedicated customer projects